The First Changes

There are some easy changes I want to get too first. The tagline being the biggest. I just don’t want it to say “Another WordPress Site”. I am not just another WordPress site. This is going to be my site. I want it to be great. This can be found after logging in to the admin and selecting SETTINGS > GENERAL. Easy, and updated.

So when you do the install there was also a question to let search engines see your site. I said “no”, I wasn’t ready. I am now. So I found this link:

And now know where to go to flip this switch back on in the admin. Check and save. You will notice at the top of the admin area that a notification will occur for confirmation or errors.

I also want a new Category for my postings. One that will easily group my notes of the setup of my e-store. This is over on the right panel in the post edit screen. Easy stuff, since I am writing this right now in that location.

My original to-do list already changed. I think we will need a page for this. To create a new page, select PAGES>ADD NEW. And off I go.