New Start – Business & Marketing WordPress Theme (Corporate)


New Start WordPress Theme

New Start is a WordPress theme built with Layers. It’s a clean, modern and responsive theme for startups and product advertising.

This theme will help you create and customize a website for your business and showcase your products.

What’s Included

Built With Layers

Layers is the most user-friendly tool for building websites in no time

1-Click Demo Import

Pre-made demos are the best way to kickstart your project quickly and easily

Responsive Layout

Ready to work on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets

Easy Customization

Page Builder Included

The Layers page builder requires no coding skills to be mastered. Even for experienced users, it’s a time-saving tool that will make you do more with less efforts!

Customize Fonts, Colors And Layout

Make your website look exactly the way you want to with the customization options provided by the theme. These options are implemented directly in the WordPress Customizer. No more complicated options pages!

Keeping Up Momentum

My schedule is full. Making time the most valuable resource I have but that is exactly what a project like this takes. WordPress has a link to this lovely link in the dashboard, “Learn more about getting started“. Seems promising, but I have to tell the truth, I don’t want to read all of this.

I want to design the logo, put in some affiliate ads, and redo the layout. I want to keep the momentum from the excitement of getting an actual site to build.

I will do that first, then read the article on my phone while waiting in line somewhere.


The First Changes

There are some easy changes I want to get too first. The tagline being the biggest. I just don’t want it to say “Another WordPress Site”. I am not just another WordPress site. This is going to be my site. I want it to be great. This can be found after logging in to the admin and selecting SETTINGS > GENERAL. Easy, and updated.

So when you do the install there was also a question to let search engines see your site. I said “no”, I wasn’t ready. I am now. So I found this link:

And now know where to go to flip this switch back on in the admin. Check and save. You will notice at the top of the admin area that a notification will occur for confirmation or errors.

I also want a new Category for my postings. One that will easily group my notes of the setup of my e-store. This is over on the right panel in the post edit screen. Easy stuff, since I am writing this right now in that location.

My original to-do list already changed. I think we will need a page for this. To create a new page, select PAGES>ADD NEW. And off I go.

First hurdle, Getting into Google

I selected that this site not be accessible to search engines. I want to turn that back on but I don’t see it anywhere. From my experience as a programmer I know what file needs to be updated but what if you didn’t have a programmer back ground. Then what?

The First Step is Done! But What Did That Get Me?

The five-minute WordPress install wasn’t even five minutes. But where does this leave me. The site looks clean but there is no style. The content is needed. I didn’t get very far and it seemed like a giant leap to get the WordPress loaded. Next step is to get the next step list together. First pass looks like this:

  1. Install plugins, I know I need the e-commerce plugin
  2. Find Theme, quick boost to the finish line
  3. Enter Content, this is a way bigger job that it sounds now
  4. Advertise the Launch

What happens in reality, is that each of these simple steps turns into much more. But starting to get to the questions that need answers will help get the list items checked off….eventually.