Get to Doing as Fast as You Can

For not getting to spend as much time as I would of liked on my new idea, I have actually done quite a lot for ensuring the idea is a good one. Action is the soundest foundation to progress. Time is valuable and it is important to use it moving towards the goal.  While I do love being lazy, I really hate procrastination.

A Website is Like a House

This means, this last week was spent doing. I built sites, very quickly. I wanted to prove that the launch of a site didn’t have to be scary. Or illusive. I also wanted to show that a site’s launch is not the finish line. Websites are more like a home you own. We need them and we care for them. They can make us feel bad when something is not right or less than another site. Websites are a continual work in progress, just like a home. There will always be something that could be better and improved. Like a home, getting one can be a challenge all by itself. Even when the steps laid out look easy to overcome.

What you Need to Launch a Good Site

  1. A host like Media Temple.
    Media Temple Hosting

  2. A domain, that you can get from your host.
  3. A WordPress site. If you chose wisely, like the host I recommended, set-up by a one-click install from your host’s administration panel gets you a database and a popular framework for your site.
  4. A theme from Themeforest, my favorite theme store: theme_forest_125x125
  5. Some plugins, usually requested by the theme.
  6. A logo.
  7. Pictures.
  8. Copy

Is it really that easy?

Granted there are a lot of hurdles that can happen at any given step. Over the next few weeks I will be going through and explaining what those hurdles may be and how to get around them.