Marking Success

The finish line isn’t always clear. Any idea, in the beginning, changes. Defining a finish line is, however, important. Visualizing progress allows success to be gauged. There will always be improvements and adjustments needed but they can be another challenge.

How do you define a finish line? Follow the Idea’s finish line is simply the last item on the to do list. Launch. The launch of a new site is one of the most difficult tasks. It requires a great deal of development and testing to get the app ready plus the worry of having the app out there for everyone to see. Or even worse, not see. The process is clear but getting through it means a lot of work and effort needs to be done. That means time needs to be dedicated to the process. There is no magicking up time either. You have to stay driven to overcome the hurdles the process will put in your way. Time is always the impeding factor to greater success. Deviations from the initial path will eat up time. It always happens. Something will not go as expected and progress will stop until a decision is made. Make sure to make the right decision. It is better to access the problem fully, taking more time to determine the correct next step. Otherwise, you can find you spend more time later fixing problem after problem. The important thing it to keep progressing.

Try to remember that people make their livings from every step of the process. Since I keep referencing the process, it may be time to take a look at some resources:

Currently, these seems too overwhelming. I am just going to go with a check list. You can see mine here:  /the-todo-list/