Get Back on Track, Today!

Congratulations, you didn’t QUIT! Good for you, but now what. Now you need to get back on track. The fact is your attention will need to be focused on the idea you have had. Time has to spent in development of the idea. Unfortunately, thinking up the idea was the easiest part.

Here are 5 ways to do that:

Identify what got you off track in the first place.

Life is busy and full of distractions. Whether you got sick and backlogged a bunch of work. Or had a vacation planned that you really wanted to take. Something got in the way and it needs to identified so that you can move forward. It’s now time to bunker down and get to the task at hand. Review your to-do list. What is left? If there an item that seem more daunting than the rest? Do that one first. Or if your the type that likes a smaller to-do list. get all the little stuff done in one go. As our cultures favorite green jedi master said: “Do or Do Not, there is no try.”

Stop Whining!

You are not the only one with a long to-do list. This is not an excuse to complain or procrastinate. You wanted to start something not quit something. So it’s time to stop talking about what your are about to do and get it done so you can talk about what you did.

Outsource those chores that pull you away from what you really want to do.

No matter what the task, if it takes time and can be given to someone else to do, get if back. It’s time for help. It is hard enough to build anything worth while but doing it alone can make you go mental. Outsource small tasks. Once you have help, you can really open up time.

Get creative, take a look at what you spend the most time on during you normal schedule. I spend hours, daily, cooking for my family. From procuring the ingredients to doing the dishes, it is easily a chore that if done without careful prep can eat away time. My favorite outsourced task is dinner, and fast food does the trick. Quick, everyone get’s what they want, and best of all…no dishes. An hour, or more, is now mine again.

Pick one thing to do.

Multi-tasking can be very helpful except when you don’t have enough time to get anything done. Lighten the load. If you have more than one idea going at the same time, you may end up working on all of them but never completing one of them. Pick one! Maybe the one that is closest to completion.

Tell someone about your project.

Get the word out. Not only will it get you feedback on your idea but it will also enable someone to keep you accountable. The next time you see that person, you will want to let them know you made some progress.

Stalled Out and Going No Where

This is that moment after the inspired idea. When you want to keep moving forward but life just keeps getting in the way. When you either have no choice or choose to binge watch the show you have heard so much about on Netflix. None the less, nothing happens on your project. It is stalled. It looks more distant than ever, even when you knew it was the best idea you ever had.


Yup, I just can’t seem to get anywhere right now. Maybe tomorrow…I will break through the block. Maybe changing the theme on this site will do it. I will keep you posted.

Get to Doing as Fast as You Can

For not getting to spend as much time as I would of liked on my new idea, I have actually done quite a lot for ensuring the idea is a good one. Action is the soundest foundation to progress. Time is valuable and it is important to use it moving towards the goal.  While I do love being lazy, I really hate procrastination.

A Website is Like a House

This means, this last week was spent doing. I built sites, very quickly. I wanted to prove that the launch of a site didn’t have to be scary. Or illusive. I also wanted to show that a site’s launch is not the finish line. Websites are more like a home you own. We need them and we care for them. They can make us feel bad when something is not right or less than another site. Websites are a continual work in progress, just like a home. There will always be something that could be better and improved. Like a home, getting one can be a challenge all by itself. Even when the steps laid out look easy to overcome.

What you Need to Launch a Good Site

  1. A host like Media Temple.
    Media Temple Hosting

  2. A domain, that you can get from your host.
  3. A WordPress site. If you chose wisely, like the host I recommended, set-up by a one-click install from your host’s administration panel gets you a database and a popular framework for your site.
  4. A theme from Themeforest, my favorite theme store: theme_forest_125x125
  5. Some plugins, usually requested by the theme.
  6. A logo.
  7. Pictures.
  8. Copy

Is it really that easy?

Granted there are a lot of hurdles that can happen at any given step. Over the next few weeks I will be going through and explaining what those hurdles may be and how to get around them.







Marking Success

The finish line isn’t always clear. Any idea, in the beginning, changes. Defining a finish line is, however, important. Visualizing progress allows success to be gauged. There will always be improvements and adjustments needed but they can be another challenge.

How do you define a finish line? Follow the Idea’s finish line is simply the last item on the to do list. Launch. The launch of a new site is one of the most difficult tasks. It requires a great deal of development and testing to get the app ready plus the worry of having the app out there for everyone to see. Or even worse, not see. The process is clear but getting through it means a lot of work and effort needs to be done. That means time needs to be dedicated to the process. There is no magicking up time either. You have to stay driven to overcome the hurdles the process will put in your way. Time is always the impeding factor to greater success. Deviations from the initial path will eat up time. It always happens. Something will not go as expected and progress will stop until a decision is made. Make sure to make the right decision. It is better to access the problem fully, taking more time to determine the correct next step. Otherwise, you can find you spend more time later fixing problem after problem. The important thing it to keep progressing.

Try to remember that people make their livings from every step of the process. Since I keep referencing the process, it may be time to take a look at some resources:

Currently, these seems too overwhelming. I am just going to go with a check list. You can see mine here:  /the-todo-list/


Keeping Up Momentum

My schedule is full. Making time the most valuable resource I have but that is exactly what a project like this takes. WordPress has a link to this lovely link in the dashboard, “Learn more about getting started“. Seems promising, but I have to tell the truth, I don’t want to read all of this.

I want to design the logo, put in some affiliate ads, and redo the layout. I want to keep the momentum from the excitement of getting an actual site to build.

I will do that first, then read the article on my phone while waiting in line somewhere.


The First Changes

There are some easy changes I want to get too first. The tagline being the biggest. I just don’t want it to say “Another WordPress Site”. I am not just another WordPress site. This is going to be my site. I want it to be great. This can be found after logging in to the admin and selecting SETTINGS > GENERAL. Easy, and updated.

So when you do the install there was also a question to let search engines see your site. I said “no”, I wasn’t ready. I am now. So I found this link:

And now know where to go to flip this switch back on in the admin. Check and save. You will notice at the top of the admin area that a notification will occur for confirmation or errors.

I also want a new Category for my postings. One that will easily group my notes of the setup of my e-store. This is over on the right panel in the post edit screen. Easy stuff, since I am writing this right now in that location.

My original to-do list already changed. I think we will need a page for this. To create a new page, select PAGES>ADD NEW. And off I go.

First hurdle, Getting into Google

I selected that this site not be accessible to search engines. I want to turn that back on but I don’t see it anywhere. From my experience as a programmer I know what file needs to be updated but what if you didn’t have a programmer back ground. Then what?

The First Step is Done! But What Did That Get Me?

The five-minute WordPress install wasn’t even five minutes. But where does this leave me. The site looks clean but there is no style. The content is needed. I didn’t get very far and it seemed like a giant leap to get the WordPress loaded. Next step is to get the next step list together. First pass looks like this:

  1. Install plugins, I know I need the e-commerce plugin
  2. Find Theme, quick boost to the finish line
  3. Enter Content, this is a way bigger job that it sounds now
  4. Advertise the Launch

What happens in reality, is that each of these simple steps turns into much more. But starting to get to the questions that need answers will help get the list items checked off….eventually.